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Edition Grey

More than just grey

At Lascaux nothing is simply thrown away

And certainly not valuable leftover paint. Whenever we collect the leftovers from the mixing container after filling a color, we are excited to see what will come out of it. After a few weeks, we have enough colored leftovers to create a color: every time a new, vibrantly colored grey. The Lascaux Edition Grey is a contribution to the best possible use of resources, and it is only available in small quantities.

Available in the Lascaux factory shop, Brüttisellen

Lascaux Sirius® primary colours Set: radiant and pure

The Sirius colours, unique in the world, are perfectly balanced: With blue and red in one cool and one warm tone each, as well as yellow, perfectly clear, harmoniously luminous mixed tones are obtained - from the most radiant colours to a deep, vibrant black. With the 5 Sirius colours, the entire colour spectrum can be reproduced - try it out!

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COLOURS OF THE GREAT HEART - Resonating with Sirius

In words and images the new book by Barbara Diethelm traces the decades of research and development resulting in her holistic colour systems, providing context to their larger meaning and purpose for the raising of consciousness at this time.

"Aesthetic concept and spiritual tool in one - a quantum leap into the higher dimensions of colour.”
Klaus Stromer, author of Die Natur der Farben and Color Systems in Art and Science.

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Factory outlet on 28 June

In our shop we offer not only colours, painting mediums, and brushes, but also unique items and special editions. Excess stock items are available at attractive prices.

Open from 10 am through to 4 pm every last Friday of the month.

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Heavy shoppers: if your bag is too large to carry we are happy to ship it for you.

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For humanity – in harmony with the environment

Since its foundation Lascaux has promoted water-soluble systems.

The high quality water Switzerland is renowned for and which is additionally energised by Lascaux is an important precondition for the standard of our products. Lascaux colours are produced without additive solvents, and they are qualified as poison-free. Only the sturdiest raw materials and finest pigments are used. They are precisely adjusted for every individual composition. Practically every Lascaux product is refined on the triple roll mill after the blending procedure.

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Unsere Philosophie

Es ist unser Ansporn, Ihnen mit unseren Farben eine einmalige Art des malerischen Ausdrucks zu ermöglichen. Deshalb setzen wir alles daran, unsere Farben und Malhilfen immer in gleichbleibend hoher Qualität herzustellen.
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