Patumbah Mansion Zurich

Built in 1885 and featuring an array of style elements this house is a masterpiece of historicism. Comprehensive conservation and refurbishment was carried out on the building and its numerous decorative paintings between 2010 and 2013. Today the Patumbah Mansion accommodates the Swiss Heritage Centre.

Conservation of wallpapers and painted glass:

Ars Artis, Küsnacht,
aaf Restaurierungen, Feldmeilen

Decorative painting:

Fontana & Fontana, Rapperswil


Lascaux Medium for consolidation, Lascaux Artist acrylic colours



The Patumbah Mansion and its splendiferous park count among the most prominent estates in the city of Zurich to originate in the late 19th century.

The mansion encompasses style elements from the Gothic period, the renaissance and rococo, as well as motives inspired by the far east, all harmoniously combined. The builder-owner of the Estate, Carl Fürchtegott Grob, made his fortune in the tobacco trade and named his mansion ‘Patumbah’ after his plantation in Sumatra.

From 2010 to 2013 the Patumbah Mansion was comprehensively refurbished under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Authority of the Canton of Zurich. The flush murals, largely covered by newer layers of paint, were carefully renewed by the specialists from Fontana & Fontana using Lascaux Artist.

Restauro Magazin No. 6 2023

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